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With a passion for Design, Crafts and Fashion this mother-daughter duo have drawn on both their professional and personal experiences to conceive the Maahira brand.

Taking inspiration from their Indian roots, life in Africa and their recent years in Europe both Manda and Nimisha wanted to develop a brand that blended the vast variety of craft in India with the burgeoning creative talent from around the world, to bring South Asian fashion that is both accessible and unique.

With experience and skills in sourcing, pattern cutting, garment construction, fabric technology and Indian and ethnic crafts, they endeavour to design pieces that can be appreciated by fashionista’s of all ages.

our team

Pooja Rajiv Jain and Karuna Nagpal - Rene Label

This vivacious sister duo furnish an elegant blend of Indian & contemporary designs with immaculate tailoring, fit and detailing.

Pooja completed her Diploma in Fashion Design from Raheja Institute, Mumbai, whilst Karuna attended the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bangalore. Inspired by intricate and exquisite embroideries, they love history and keep going back in time to get inspired by the old world charm and vintage beauty of their own rich heritage which is translated into their pieces.

These sisters are establishing a new meaning to Indian couture and craftsmanship. Their design philosophy revolves around creating exquisite silhouettes that are both chic, feminine, one of a kind and classic.

Vandana Gupta, Priyanka Shenoy, & Abhishek Dengre – TEVAR

Team Tevar believe that it IS always your attitude that makes you stand out in a crowd, and work to cater your needs and craft garments to suit your personal aesthetics. The label reflects strong design sensibilities and stands for unique expression through style. Tevar stand for timeless silhouettes that reflect your personality and craft each look with a conformist or non-conformist muse in mind.


Naoumi was inspired by fashion from a very young age. Taking steer from her mother who was a seamstress she would often satisfy her curiosity for all things creative, not realising that this would one day become an integral part of her life.

With careers in fashion design widening in scope, Naoumi decided to pursue fashion as a career, gaining professional training in design and fashion from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Mumbai and the Academy of Art (AAU) in San Francisco . Inspired by the rich variety of Indian culture and its translation across the globe she combines her skill, creativity and dress making techniques to develop her own unique style of clothing that is appreciated by women with varying tastes and styles from all corners of the world

Bonny Sethi

Born and raised in Jammu and Kashmir, Bonny Sethi has always had an eye for the aesthetics and particularities of regional Indian arts. Based in Bangkok she brings a unique palette of design influences to the Maahira Brand.

Having studied Fashion Design, after getting married at the South Delhi Polytechnic, New Delhi, Bonny’s designs are centred around adventurous cuts, intricate embroidery, and a sensitivity to occasion.

Sethi’s emphasis has always been on the intersection between the traditional Indian design forms and urban circumstance, a juxtaposition that re-imagines both. She very much admires the kind of woman who can wear these designs like modern garments

Noureen Dhanani

'Noureen Dhanani' is a label of designer sarees, featuring a collection of one-of-a-kind eclectic pieces, designed in the U.S. and manufactured in India.

USA based designer Noureen Dhanani focuses her attention to creating classic and timeless pieces in limited quantities for an exclusive clientele of sophisticated taste.

To better compliment the wardrobe of the contemporary woman, the designer combines modern silhouettes with traditional elements to emphasize not only class but also style in her designs. Her collection is best described as elegant, yet understated; classic, yet contemporary; simple, yet sophisticated.

Shreenal Ghelani

Shreenal grew up expressing herself through fashion and jewellery, and her outfits and accessories were always inspired by her interest in Bollywood and regular trips to visit her grandparents in India.

After moving to London, her interest in fashion grew. After some time she started designing her own accessories and making them in her workshop in Jaipur, India. She noticed that there was a real gap in the market for quality bridal and occasion jewellery made from kundan, polki crystals and other semi-precious stones.

Shreenal has always had a strong belief that accessories are as important to a look as the outfit itself, and sometimes even more important. She has always had a respect for the traditional methods of jewellery making whilst having a love for contemporary styles.

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What Our Clients Say

I have been to many places up and down the country, especially during my wedding time, to see what designers have to offer and if I am honest your business really has stood out to me. Your pieces are beautiful and they are so reasonably priced and there is something for everyone

My sister and I have visited Maahira several times now! What a fantastic, unique choice of clothes, beautiful jewellery and a great set up! The Maahira team are warm, welcoming and offer an excellent personalised customer service! I'll be going back again and again.

Maahira’s collection is gorgeous. They have a wonderful sense of style that makes each piece in their collection a joy to behold. Reasonably priced and very wearable, I have become an avowed “Maahirani”.

Each and every piece in the Maahira collection is unique and inimitably chic and has something to offer for all tastes and occasions. The Maahaira team have an eye for the exquisite, interweaving contemporary silhouettes with traditional embroideries to create a collection that has the wow factor. The warmth, customer service and creative skills of Maahira make them a “go to” destination for every Asian fashionasta.

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