the CAPE

Stylish, Exotic and Fierce!

You can’t help but turn an eager eye on the one trend that has dominated the Asian fashion scene over the past year. From the runways to Bollywood stars on the red carpet, all the way right into the heart of our must-have list of the season is the CAPE!

Editorial 10

Complimenting any style to represent your true womanly power, a cape, epitomizes a heroine on the rise (pun intended). It all started when a significant change hit the runways of India, with designers capturing the essence of the modern fashionista, a woman who wanted both her worlds (modern and traditional) to come together. Alas the idea of an Asian-fusion fashion was born and amongst its spoils was our favourite silhouette of the summer!

Now it’s no secret that we pride ourselves in finding truly raw talent, designers that are trend-setters and regularly push the boundaries of what is perceived to be modern Asian fashion. So when it came to Capes we couldn’t think of a better team to collaborate with upcoming designer Mumbai based designers Reneé Label.

Editorial 13

Together we have launched a beautiful luxurious collection of spring/summer capes. Much like our love for fusion fashion, we love this collection for the versatility it presents to the modern woman. These trendy pieces can be perfectly complimented with jumpsuits, skirts, trousers, bralets and even dresses thus pushing the boundaries of wearing these designs from smart/casual to formal elegance. These ward-robe must-have’s bring a new meaning to timeless design, which when styled with various everyday basics will always give you the flexibility to create a different look, after all isn’t that what we all want? A selection of styles to suit your individuality!

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So if you haven’t done so already, check out our beautiful collection of capes on our Facebook page! Better yet come in and view the pieces for yourselves at our London studio. Style your Reneé cape at MAAHIRA with our Style Concierge service through and a one-to-one consultation with the design team and our head stylist Tanya Gill can advise you how to style your cape!

Check out how Tanya has styled the georgette satin and thread work embroidered cape. Paired with a white raw silk cropped trouser, white camille and a pair of white textured heels. A casual yet chic look for the perfect summer white neutrals.


Have you taken the next step in your wardrobe spring clean? Are you ready to pull off the design of the year and embrace your feminine self? At MAAHIRA, we believe in style, your personal style – and what better way than to embrace it other than with our talented team of fashion creatives. A style concierge bound to create your individual luxuries in fashion.


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