The MAAHIRA Bride & Groom: How to Co-Ordinate

A royal Indian affair or a contemporary chic occasion, a wedding is the event of a lifetime. A bride, a groom, and the beautiful day waited since you fell in love.

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The morning of your wedding day are all the moments processed of what the day ahead will bring. In all fairness, everything will be on your mind, ‘will it all go as planned, have the flowers arrived, is the venue set?’ However, the most you may be feeling is excitement and nerves of being wed, finally! In that moment, you slip into your wedding dress, your wedding suit and you feel ready and complete.

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Designer Sabyasachi

It’s your day and you’re living it, your dream wedding but most of all for any bride, that dress you have dreamt of since you could spell bride! Yet, it’s not always about the bride, yes, that is correct, the life-changing day is the groom’s day too!

A wedding consists of many occasions from all the planning to the real event. As a couple, the key is not to lose focus, planning is everything. There’s no right or wrong, as each individual has their own unique tastes, however there are rules on how to dress in comfort AND look like royalty.

Designer: Fahad Hussayn

There are many forms to start a hunt for what you’re both looking for, but panicking is not the answer. Don’t be fooled by what is expected, as you don’t want to look like every other bride and groom, yet set your own couple goals.

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So, positivity is key and so is working together, but careful not to spoil the surprise for one another. The fun starts, when you both play around with ideas and tease the other what you are going for. When it comes to a couple co-ordination, you both want to reflect off each other, building each stage with personality, style and uniqueness. Inspiration is everywhere so work together in what you both want to achieve as an overall look, as well as what your wedding theme, style and the events will display. A bride will never share her ideas but to her closest entourage of bridesmaids and family. Yet, your overall concept of what you both want to achieve needs, to work together.

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Designer: Tarun Tahiliani

There are three main points to consider, when adjoining two wedding pieces. ACCENTS, BLOCK COLOUR and DETAILING. Following these simple ideas, you can achieve your personal signature styles, and carry them in your couples wardrobe.


Firstly, features on the design are very important. The accents reflect off what key styles you want to stand out. For a bride, it is always about those small details, how each design tells a story. Where as the groom wants an overall ravish, sharp edge. If your wedding has a theme, you will need to incorporate this in your garments, whether you are going for a contemporary look or a traditional attire. The registry wedding is more of a contemporary occasion, whether you decide to wear western garments or Asian. The theme is acknowledged as a classic western style, in the white dress or a simple garment. So keeping the style and design simple works perfectly as a light piece. A traditional wedding ceremony would consist a more heavy accent, as it’s a more regal moment. Traditional Indian lengha and an agkan has a creative flow to design an attire with personality and your very own made-to-measure exclusive style.

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Designer: Fahad Hussayn


Colour is EVERYTHING. Co-ordinating colours is a significant part of the design process, as it’s the first eye-catching appeal. Individually you will have different tastes, so each think of two colours you’d want to portray in your outfits and whether they suit. Play around with the shades and the tones to see what contrasts work. Again, professional advice from a style consultant or a designer will help you visualize the two creations. Grooms tend to keep colours to a minimal tone, either one bold block or a neutral with other subtle colour statements to suit the brides piece. As a bride you may not want to go for a traditional red shade, and that’s okay, as any colour can be the right colour. It’s how they have been co-ordinated to present a bridal piece. Picking off from the boarders and thread work of embellishment from one another, infuse those colours to accentuate.

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Details are key; they create the design into a whole from the thread work to the embellishing. Each design put into the detailing will work well when matching with one another. Not entirely an exact match, but to simply cross match them slightly.  Co-ordinating them with the colours infused together and the accents you have selected, details play an important feature, as it makes up the garment. An overall end look co-ordinating with jewellery/accessories and your beauty look, these details reflect of the design and the masterpiece. Remember to pay close attention but to also look at the bigger picture.

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Designer: Sabyasachi
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Designer: Sabyasachi

Explore the endless possibilities of inspiration and creating your bespoke wear. From a huge selection to consider of style, design, colour and theme, you need to be aware of what suits you. Make an appointment with a style consultant or a couture designer to discuss style ideas and try on the different varieties on trend. As an individual, only you know your body type and how you like to dress and what styles may suit you, but don’t be afraid to experiment on what other aesthetics could work. Don’t feel you need to hold back on styles you may love to wear but feel you cannot, there’s always a way. Accentuate what you have and what types of designs you’d like to incorporate. A bride and groom attire are the center of the wedding, so whatever signature look you have on, will need to suit one another, as well as reflect off the occasion – remember its your day, so break the rules.

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Inexcusably You

the STYLE, the DRAPE, the SAREE

The Saree…9 yards of draped elegance – has formed a key part of traditional attire in India, for centuries. In the past decade, it has fashioned into one of Asia’s most elegant, chic and creative designs. A myriad of designer are now creating their own distinctive take on the sari, making it the hottest trend in Asian fashion right now.MILLIE1

So what did the STYLE TEAM at MAAHIRA do? We brought you an up-to date view of the hottest way to wear your saree this festive season!

It’s no secret that many of you shy away from purchasing sarees, either because they are too difficult to put on, or too experimental for your own personal style, which only leaves you frustrated.  So here are 2 simple rules to follow when picking a style for you.

sari postRule no 1) make sure you are comfortable 8 meters of fabric is tough enough to contend with, so how about starting with what makes you feel comfortable. Be mindful of how long you are wearing the garment for and what sort of activities you will be doing in it. After all happy comfortable clients are always the prettiest!

Rule no 2) classic or modern? Our head stylist Tanya Gill says, “It’s no denying classic saree drapes have a timeless appeal, but I always encourage all our Maahira clients to stick to one look and do it really well. So, either go classic with heritage Indian weaves, or go all experimental with upcoming ‘fusion’ trends such as my personal favourite – The Jump-In Saree.”

Whether you are curvaceous or slim, there is a way for any woman of any size to wear this sari! This style rocks a chic and elegant runway look. Wear in a number of versatile ways, such as with jumpsuits, lenghas, crop tops, bralets, trousers, dhoti… the possibilities are endless – especially with all those summer weddings coming up!

This on-trend sari drape can come in many forms, either pre-pleated and/or pre-stitched (in a draping of your suiting). All you need to do is simply jump in! It’s a wonderful secret, who knew looking fabulously chic never was so effortless.

Here is Tanya Gill wearing one of our favourite Tevar design piece at a pre-wedding party dressed in her all-time favourite colours, black and gold.


Tanya styled the gold shimmer liquid satin “jump-in” sari with a black roll neck long sleeve crop top and a black dupion silk cropped trouser. The saree is a tulip drape with a ready-made palla, and delicate applique flower for embellishment. This created a sharp, sleek style with a modern twist of traditional accessories; a Rani London double-layered polka statement necklace, and a black bindi, teamed with black Zara strap heels. Hair and make-up was kept minimal and slick.

Are you inspired to up your Saree-Game? If so get in touch with our STYLE TEAM at MAAHIRA today and see how we can get you styled up and turning heads at your next big event.



Inexcusably You